Backup As a Service (BaaS)

Backup As a Service

What is BaaS?

BaaS is a cloud-based managed backup and recovery service that helps you protect your vital data in the event of loss, breach or disaster.

BaaS installs quickly on your systems and is always up and running, keeping a working backup of your systems, applications and related files. If the unthinkable happens due to malicious intent, unforeseen disaster, or human error, you have a backup copy of all the data you request to restore. Recovery from backup will be possible in a very short time.

How BaaS Works?

Backup as a Service is a reliable, secure, managed cloud backup and recovery service that helps you avoid investing in lots of additional hardware such as standalone hard drives and servers. Connect to the backup application in the cloud, configure your preferences and let your data be kept safe


What can we offer you?

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