Simplifying the journey to multicloud with interconnection

Multicloud momentum

As enterprises seek to respond to the challenges associated with the post-Covid reality and the opportunities presented by the digital economy, the move to multicloud architectures is gathering pace. But as firms make the transition, they are finding that multicloud presents new challenges of its own. Interconnection can overcome these challenges and enable you to help deliver the full potential of multicloud. It’s one of the reasons why interconnection services are now growing at an exponential rate.

An immunization phase of global GDP that will last until 2022

The expected rise in value
of the hybrid cloud market
between 2018 and 2023

The forecast growth rate by
2022 for enterprise consumption
of interconnection bandwith

Common challenges when
transitioning to multicloud

Organizations face many hurdles as they move from on-premises infrastructure to a multicloud architecture. With Teletek and Equinix collaboration, it enables you to position your infrastructure where you need it, adjacent to public cloud and network structures to create best-of-breed multicloud architectures. Build physical or virtual infrastructures on the industry’s most consistent, secure and sustainable platform. Deploy the delivery of your services to the most important customers in the most important geographies and locations with low latency performance

Why interconnection has the answers?

Interconnection is key to overcoming the challenges of migrating to a distributed multicloud architecture. It simplifies the journey, reduces the risks and restrictions – and gives users an essential foundation for their share in the new global digital economy.

Private, secure and fast connections
Private, secure and fast connections to
multiple cloud providers

Better quality, higher speeds
Direct, dedicated connections to public
cloud platforms, with speeds up to 10Gb.

Improved performance, reduced cost
Private networks to meet the needs of
distributed user communities, improving
performance and reducing costs

Minimised risk
Control of all business communication
through traffic exchange points.

Simplified management
A single interface accessed via a single port
that is connected to multiple cloud providers.

Easy workload and data movement
Easy, quick and secure movement of
workloads and data between cloud.

The world’s digital
infrastructure platform

Equinix Fabric™ enables you to easily move to multicloud with global interconnection. It directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems.

To see how Equinix Fabric works and how it enables the fast and geographically scalable solution you need, Equinix Fabric Overview watch the Equinix Fabric video.

ensuring your success
as a digital leader

As an Equinix trusted partner, Teletek enables you to unlock the potential of interconnection to power your multicloud strategy. We deliver the expertise, guidance and value-added services that you need to successfully plan, transition to, and manage a fully-optimised multicloud infrastructure. Working closely with you, we help you understand the role of interconnection in supporting your digital business strategy, and enable you to take advantage of interconnection hubs to connect to all of the cloud providers that your business needs. By leveraging the power of Platform Equinix, Teletek equips you to overcome the challenges associated with multicloud, ensuring you can realise the full potential of a distributed IT infrastructure.

Are you ready for the digital takeover?

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