Managed Services

Managed Services

You focus on your work!

Teletek Cloud is ready to improve your current daily operations and reduce expenses!
You can take advantage of Teletek’s Managed Services to keep your Information Technologies infrastructure always up-to-date and reduce your costs. You can instantly get data from Managed Services with capable reporting and monitoring tools. Your vitally important infrastructures such as application, database, web service are in safe hands!

Cloud Management

We monitor the servers you host on Teletek Cloud 24/7 at the operating system and service level in order to keep their accessibility at the highest level. We maintain reliability by performing updates, patches and upgrades at the operating system level on your behalf at appropriate intervals.

Preparation for Cloud Environment

We design cloud migration scenarios in accordance with you by taking advantage of our past experience. After reviewing your current environment, we support you in creating your cloud strategy by redesigning your network and system infrastructure. It is possible to carry out your cloud migration process with Teletek’s experience, without any problems and at affordable costs

Cloud Security

As cloud migration increases, threats towards cloud platforms also increase. Cloud Computing and the security of the Cloud environment should not be considered separately. As Teletek, all our capacity planning is carried out together with security studies. Cloud Security should be considered together with top-level protection against threats, data security, high availability, advanced reliability and compliance with local regulations.

Pentest Service

Teletek Cloud penetration testing service includes testing, reporting and providing solutions for the elimination of vulnerabilities, against all attacks that components such as hardware, software, network that make up the information systems in the cloud environment on or within Teletek may be exposed from inside or outside.

Cloud to Cloud Migration Service

Moving to Teletek Cloud Platform is very easy!
We are taking the responsibility to move from different Cloud Platforms or your in-house environments to Teletek Cloud Platform!
It is possible to migrate to Teletek Cloud with the least possible interruption and the least work load on you. Teletek Engineers are with you at every step!


Teletek also maintains its partnerships by completing legal processes with Global cloud service provider actors such as

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Softlayer

In addition, we offer value-added services to global players by accessing them faster from the internal network thanks to data center agreements.


What can we offer you?

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