Private Cloud Server

Private Cloud Server

Everything is designed for performance, uninterruptedness and continuity.

Teletek is Turkey’s leading company in Cloud Computing with its long years of experience. You can run and manage your applications on Teletek Cloud Servers with its reliable infrastructure that develops and grows over time. Provide a perfect cloud environment for your location-independent, uninterrupted, secure, flexible working and digital transformation journey with the Geographical Redundant Teletek Cloud environment.

You can manage your virtual data center on a single screen, create your replication, backup and disaster scenarios, or connect your local cloud environment to Teletek if you wish. Our expert engineer support is always with you throughout these processes.


Automatically Scale Applications with VMware Cloud Director!

You can use automatic scaling to instantly respond to your changing loads. Applications can scale according to pre-set criteria and appropriate policies based on current processor and memory usage.

Just write a set of rules to automatically create sufficient number of Virtual Machines by associating the relevant group with the IP pool according to your processor and memory usage!

Automatically Scale Applications with VMware Cloud Director!


With the processors reserved for the server and suitable for the service, you can conduct your business at affordable costs without being affected by neighbor noise and without sacrificing performance. Changing capacities is at your fingertips.

Virtual Data Center

Teletek combines Servers and different Data centers with the world’s leading virtualization platform VMware and VMware vCloud Director structure that can manage it, thus allowing you to manage them on a single screen. It improves application usability and performance. It provides a management environment to increase, relocate or expand your resources. Monitoring and dimensioning, preparation for disaster scenarios, backup, object-based disk volumes are presented in an integrated way on a single screen. Contact us for a free demo.


Memory need of applications is increasing exponentially day by day. Teletek offers the same performance continuously with a high amount of memory capacity reserved for the application. Changing the amount of memory is at your fingertips.

Hard Disk Pools

The factor that determines performance is not the amount of input and output (I/O) on the disk, but the reaction time taken from the disk volume. Expected response time (latency) from disk volume varies depending on the type of application. Tiering capability, which carries the expected latencies to the appropriate disk type, moves the data to the appropriate disk media as NVMe, SSD, SAS and NL-SAS type, thus ensures that the application always runs at the expected latencies.

Frequently used data is cached in the NVMe layer and responded before it is sent to the back end, thus contributing to performance.

In addition, using VMware VSAN technology ensures stability in applications where the highest performance is expected continuously.

You can determine the disk type specific to your application with our Expert Engineers.

Physical Server Clusters

Physical servers located on the platform are of different manufacturers and models depending on the type of application. Let us determine the appropriate type for your application together!

The same physical hardware is preferred in Teletek Cloud Platform server clusters. Main components that constitute a physical server are processor, memory, high-speed ethernet cards, host bus adapters connected to disk boxes and modules at the ends of these adapters.

Two different clusters can have different components from different manufacturers. Although virtualization platforms divide these components into logical parts and make them independent of manufacturer and model, Teletek does not locate different model components of different manufacturers or the same manufacturer in the same cluster. If high-speed ethernet cards from the same manufacturer are of different models, the driver and firmware they use contain different software.

One of the common problems in virtualization layers is that the different software we mentioned creates a negative effect over time due to incompatibility. In order not to be affected by this condition, each cluster uses the same hardware parts, and driver and firmware versions of these hardware are kept at the same level.

In this way, the relevant service is kept at the highest level without being affected by driver-related malfunctions.

It is planned to contribute to the continuity to ensure that other servers are not affected by heavy loads with appropriate policies so that they do not create neighbor noise.

Contact us to experience this.

Network Equipment

Network equipment that connects Physical Servers and brings them to the internet forms our high-speed backbone with 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps bandwidths. Teletek Backbone has the flexibility to respond to customer needs. Teletek Cloud Platform, located in three different geographical regions, is designed to provide independence by terminating multiple domestic and foreign Telecom Operators on its backbone while using network equipment from the same manufacturer. It is possible to create special environments for you by terminating the network equipment that you want to add to the Teletek Cloud Platform as a requirement of your business, in redundant and divided network equipment. All possibilities have been considered and designed so that you can conduct your business.


What we can do for you?

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