High-performance environment, load balancing, accelerators and auto-growth is ready!

Special Services for E-commerce Companies

Provide an end-to-end manageable, reliable and scalable cloud environment for our e-commerce customers with Teletek infrastructure.

You can dynamically manage your required processor, memory and disk needs according to your increasing load, and quickly perform operations such as load balancing and clustering. Teletek Engineers with long years of experience are at a phone call distance 24/7 throughout these operations.

We know that just providing the cloud environment to our customers is not enough! By sharing past experiences, your E-Commerce Infrastructure will be more reliable and faster than before!

E-Commerce is not a cloud environment for us, but following the constantly developing technology and applications, communicating with our engineers 24/7 and designing the structure correctly in all project processes brings success.

Join our E-Commerce Customers broadcasting in Teletek Cloud to experience this difference!


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