Our Infrastructure

Experience our infrastructure built with a fully redundant architecture that utilizes the latest technology.
We follow the technology, anticipate your demands before they occur, and constantly update our infrastructure accordingly.

Data Center

Telecom Italia Sparkle Group has 6000 km underwater fiber length in the Mediterranean and connects many Mediterranean Countries in Europe, Anatolia, Middle East and North Africa. Its campus, located in Istanbul-Yenibosna in Turkey, is a data center serving at Tier III level as it is connected to the L2 end of this underwater network. Electricity supply from two separate transformers, UPS, Generator and Air Conditioning Systems designed according to the n+1 principle, and the separation of cold and hot air corridors provide an ideal data center environment. Physical security systems, card access, CCTV and cage options can be used according to preference. Our Data Center has ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate. With these features, it has also become the choice of local and international service providers serving in Turkey. In this way, Teletek has the opportunity to provide service without being dependent on anyone by terminating the internet connections of Domestic and Foreign Operators on their own backbone devices.

With the launching of IL2 in Istanbul by the world giant Equinix, Teletek took its place in its second data center in Istanbul as of 2019. With its discipline that sets the standards, Equinix IL2 offers L2 and L3 connectivity to 210+ data centers worldwide and global service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, with a security level that requires two-factor authentication at every stage as well as 2000+ square meters of white space.

Teletek put its fully-reserved connection which connects two continents (TI Sparkle Istanbul Europe and Equinix Istanbul Asia) through two different routes with Fiber Cables of 10 Gbps speed into service in 2020. In this way, Teletek Equipment on the European and Asian Sides started to communicate with each other as if they were positioned right next to each other. In this way, our customers have become able to move servers and services geographically from the relevant panel.

For Geographical Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity needs, we located the Turkcell-Superonline Disaster Recovery Center in Ankara in 2013.

In this way, we can create Disaster Recovery scenarios for your systems operating within the organization, including Istanbul Europe, Istanbul Asia and Ankara. We can provide replication, redundancy and high-availability scenarios of Customer Servers running on Teletek Cloud Platform and open access panels for use where customers can monitor and manage all these.


Storage and Backup

Disk units we prefer for the operation and protection of data provide high performance, capacity, manageability and full redundancy. Our SAN Storage and Object Storage units, consisting of NVMe/SSD/SAS/NL-SAS disks, allow to create large capacities, automatically move data to the appropriate disk group considering performance policies and provide the highest performance at all times. Appropriate disk pool is accessed using a Block or File controller depending on the application type.

Backup can be performed at desired days and time intervals. It is possible to perform backups at a certain hour every day or every minute according to demand. After each backup operation, the data is separated from the live data environment and sent to a different disk pool, thus ensuring physical redundancy. If you wish, you can ensure that your data is protected against location-based disasters by making geographical backups, or you can access the RTO and RPO values required by your remote replication plans. You can also manage your backup works end-to-end through the panel yourself.

In addition, thanks to our LTO8 Tape Units, we can store them in cold storage, protect them under appropriate conditions or deliver them to your location.



Servers that constitute the platform are selected from the application-appropriate families of the manufacturers. Clustered to enable proper distribution of work loads, Intel, AMD and IBM Power processors are used to meet the needs of different work loads at servers.

Server clusters run internally with high availability (HA). These are configured to physically distribute the work load in the event of potential physical and software failures. This structure allows the application to run without sacrificing performance in scenarios that require updates, upgrades, troubleshooting or maintenance.


Network and Security

Our network equipment is designed as fully redundant, at least in two-component clusters. Two power supplies in each of the equipment are fed with separate power from these power supplies. Cabling between equipment is completed in two different paths. Our network hardware is planned to provide high availability against physical or software errors and to complete the existing path. Desired performance is achieved with high-speed connections of 1 Gbps 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps and 100 GBps. Geographically distributed Teletek Istanbul Europe and Teletek Istanbul Asian Cloud Platform are connected at 10 Gbps over two different geographical paths. This structure provides side-by-side working performance to the hardware between the two continents. Also, DDOS Protection is configured at Internet Service Provider Level.

The firewall, which can be positioned at the application layer on demand, is end-to-end manageable and configurable by the customer. Our infrastructure is ready to position physical security hardware, physical accelerator and load balancing hardware according to our customer’s demand.

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