Disaster Recovery and Data Security

Preparation for disaster scenarios is easy and fast without the need for additional investment!

Disaster Recovery and Data Security

It provides fast and secure backup, fully integrated into Teletek Cloud storage space.

You can apply the 3-2-1 rule without needing to increase bandwidth or allocate money and resources for a second environment.

Veeam Cloud Connect

With Veeam Cloud Connect, you can replicate your data hosted on the Teletek Cloud Platform to three different geographic regions. It is possible to store your data in the region where it is located in different versions in accordance with the policies of your institution. What about return? On the same panel, you can return the data and the version you want without needing Teletek Engineers.

You can back up the data you host in the institution or data of your employees scattered in the field, from three different geographical regions on the Teletek Cloud Platform, instantly or at intervals, and you can safely store the data that is critical for your business. Your data is protected by end-to-end encryption at every step.

Teletek is authorized and certified by Veeam® Software.

VMware Cloud Director Availability

With the Availability capability integrated into the Teletek Cloud Platform, it is possible to replicate either your in-house data or your data in any region of Teletek on platforms distributed in three different geographical regions! Moreover, all management is carried out through the panel available to you. In this way, you can sit back and watch the instant status of your data. You can start using the free test environment in minutes!

Dell EMC Data Domain

In Teletek Cloud Platform, post-backup data is usually stored on large-volume Data Domain. The product simplifies the synchronization work at the data domain level between geographical regions and shortens the reload times. In addition, if there are Data Domain Units used by the institutions themselves, Data Domain Units can be synchronized by creating a secure connection between the Institution and Teletek without needing additional investment. Thus, the backed up data in your institution is also protected in Teletek’s secure environment.

Magnetic Tape (Tape Backup)

It is possible to provide cost-effective storage spaces with the magnetic tape backup option for long-term storage. On the Teletek Cloud Platform, magnetic tapes on which data is written are optionally stored in fire-resistant areas with the option to store them with additional security measures. In addition, it is possible to provide additional data security by providing the logistics of the relevant magnetic tapes to the bank vault or system rooms based on the demands of the Institutions under special conditions.

For the security of your data, you can choose one of the services suitable for you!


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