Network and Security Services

Everything is designed for performance, manageability, uninterruptedness and continuity.

Network and Security

Our team is special like our customers. In this way, all our services are constantly improved so that you can get the most efficient results for your needs. Our engineers, who are experts in their fields, follow the innovations and work for you.

Cloud Firewall

In Teletek Cloud Platform, different firewalls can be located according to needs. You can position VMware NSX in front of your Cloud Servers and create your own rules, as well as load balancing, virtual private networking. You can establish reliable connections between the server and clients.

If your needs are rather different, you can locate a physical or virtual firewall in front of the Cloud Servers.

DDoS Protection

DDOS Umbrella, created by utilizing Domestic and Foreign Telecom Operators within the Teletek Backbone, ensures that unwanted traffic is filtered before it reaches the Teletek Cloud Platform. It is possible to locate DDOS Services at the application level, whether domestic or foreign, according to the needs of our customers. It only takes a few clicks to place a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in front of your application.

Load Balancing and Accelerators

Load balancing is very easy for applications positioned with high traffic expectation. You can separate and direct traffic to your relevant application or database servers through your firewall with a few clicks. Infrastructure is ready to position accelerator virtual or physical hardware in line with your needs. It is very easy to do all this.

Security Vulnerabilities and Penetration

It is possible to increase the security of your services published on the Teletek Cloud Platform or your internal network, whether open or closed to the internet you host in your institution, with regular vulnerability tests, software level or social engineering. Focus on your business with Teletek, which hosts the end-to-end services you need.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The firewall in front of Teletek Cloud Platform is configured for our customers to easily manage while supporting many known methods such as SSL supported Client to site VPN, Site to site VPN, IPSec between client and server. If you want support on related issues, Teletek Engineers are available 24/7!


It is possible to create an SSL Certificate within minutes from our contracted suppliers for your applications that require an SSL Certificate. We work with suppliers whose validity has been published all over the world to respond to all your needs from a single point. You can also get support from our expert engineers for the uploading of the relevant certificate. You just focus on your work!


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