Backup & Archiving

Backup & Archiving

End-to-end Backup and Disaster Recovery infrastructures are ready for your data.

One of our services, Veeam® Cloud Connect allows you to save investment and time by burning backups and replicas to offsite disk pools without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure of your servers.

  • From the VMware Cloud Director panel on the Teletek Cloud Platform where you manage your servers, you can back up to file level and restore your related file or server.
  • You can organize your backups according to your own policies and create test scenarios. In addition, you can perform all the management without the need for an interface. Data is protected at every step by being encrypted so that it cannot be read by a second access.
  • In addition to your servers on the Cloud Platform, Teletek protects all your data, from the workstations in your office to the laptops of your personnel deployed in the field thanks to Veeam Backup Enterprise. Try this service now for an environment ready for complete backup and recovery scenarios at corporate scale!
  • If you want, you can print your backups on magnetic tape cartridges compatible with LTO7 and LTO8, store them in special libraries or protect the cartridges separately in your own special environment.
  • If you are a Veeam user, it is possible to burn your backups to object-based reliable hard disk boxes within seconds, and you can instantly check these burned data from the HTML5 panel that only you can access thanks to the S3 support of the Teletek Cloud Platform located in three different geographical regions in Turkey.
  • If you are a Dell EMC Data Domain user, you can create your second or third copies by synchronizing your deduplicated data to Data Domain boxes that we offer as a service in three different geographical regions in Turkey.

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