Database Support Services

Database Support Services

Everything is designed for performance, uninterruptedness and continuity.

Leave the complex database management tasks to us. Let us perform the installation, backup and update services with our experienced team, so you can spend more time developing applications.

Manageable Database Systems;

Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, SAP HANA and SAP Basis Services

SQL Database Availability

  • Database Listener
  • Blocking Session
  • Alert Log
  • Supervision of high physical inputs outputs
  • Monitoring the number of log switches per hour
  • Daily full and archive backup control
  • Oracle table space usage control, tables pace increase if necessary
  • Control of SQL queries and examining queries causing high consumption
  • Occupancy control of file systems on the server
  • Control of processor frequency and memory usage on the server
  • Control of system log messages
  • System timing control

Weekly Activity

  • Control of users logged into the system
  • Control of fragmented objects
  • Control of top size tables and configuring if necessary
  • Block Corruption control
  • Table Index configuration
  • Control of Table Max Extends numbers
  • Database Invalid Objects control and Compile
  • Control for Open Cursor approaching Max Limit
  • Max Lock proximity control of DB Lock parameter
  • Data File based I/O control

Monthly Activity

  • Monitoring the size of the Database and its growth compared to the previous month
  • File System increase
  • Unused Index control
  • Table Space control requiring reorganization and reorganization
  • Checking and updating Database statistics
  • Object-based growth tracking and trend analysis
  • Summary Activities
  • Database user creation, deletion, authorization and dismissal
  • Database export, backup operations
  • Database patch application
  • Database copy

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