Teletek Virtual Data Center

Teletek Virtual Data Center

Not behind closed doors: end-to-end manageable, traceable environment!

Services provided on the Teletek Cloud Platform can be monitored and managed 24/7 by the customers. When you start working with Teletek, you can use the structure located in three different geographical regions from the same panel as a virtual data center on a single screen.

Teletek has been working with VMware for many years and serves as the authorized VMware Cloud Provider in Turkey.

VMware vCloud Director

With the VMware vCloud Director infrastructure, our customers can create virtual data centers, establish their own organizations, create catalogs with the images they edit, divide them into departments and ensure consolidation. All of these are on a single panel.

vRealize Suite

VMware vRealize Suite® is a heterogeneous cloud management platform ready for corporate use that offers the complete solution in the market for multi-cloud management. vCloud Suite provides a common and consistent platform for managing multi-cloud environments in private and public clouds. It accelerates the delivery of IT services through automation and predefined policies, thus providing a high level of agility and flexibility for developers and business branches while maintaining management and control.

VMware NSX

Network and Security Virtualization Platform: VMware NSX introduces a completely new operating model for networking, which forms the basis of the Software-Based Data Center. Our customers can manage their own firewall with their own rules, and conduct their business using capabilities such as load balancing, virtual private network.

VMware vSAN

vSAN provides flash-optimized storage that provides a predictable, secure application performance for the virtualized workload, from mission-critical applications to next-generation applications.

VMware Cloud Director Availability

This is a cloud-based disaster recovery and off-site backup solution. It provides fast and secure replication, fully integrated into Teletek Cloud storage space. You can prepare for disaster scenarios in minutes by replicating to Teletek’s data centers spread over three different geographical regions, or by replication from the VMware infrastructure you host in your institution to the region you choose on the Teletek Platform. Moreover, 24/7 Engineer support is ready throughout the whole integration. You just watch the replication flow of your data on the panel. Let Teletek Engineers do all the work. You can intervene and change the replication interval at any time. This powerful management is at your fingertips.


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