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Leave the infrastructure to us, just focus on your business.

Cloud Computing has already taken its place in business processes as a method that changes the way of doing business all over the world and reorganizes Information Technology Services infrastructure investments.

Teletek continues on its way with the mission of changing the way of doing business of companies that attach importance to Information Technologies Infrastructure by providing this vision with 100% domestic capital and 24/7 Engineer Support in Turkey.

Cloud Computing, as we describe it, is the change in the way of business in corporate life. You will have all the information technology tools you need without investing in the performance you want. Moreover, you can observe all your applications and tools without getting up from your seat and intervene as if you were right next to them.

Minimizing Investment Costs

Cloud Computing is shaped on the concept of “X as a Service (XaaS)”. New ones are added to basic models such as IaaS (infrastructure), PaaS (platform), SaaS (software) every day in the recent years. Data is constantly growing, risks are constantly increasing, security needs are changing at a rapid pace. Institutions have to endure high-cost investments and make extra effort to keep these structures up-to-date and ready in order to overcome all these in information technology structures located to conduct business. In order for this to be sustainable, it is necessary to employ expert personnel or to obtain consultancy services on issues such as system, network, security, accessibility and reporting. In addition to increasing the total cost of acquisition of these services, it is also possible that they move away from their own business, which should be their main focus. This situation may adversely affect the Institution in regional or global competition.

Teletek Cloud Computing works for you to have the solution you need at the best cost possible.

  • It reduces the IT expenditures of institutions and saves on infrastructure expenses by providing outsourced services instead of making high-cost technology investments such as servers, software, data centers and network devices.
  • It reduces the burdens brought by Information Technology Infrastructure Operations that require expertise, and makes all invisible costs visible.
  • It enables a flexible and scalable infrastructure expense model, and contributes to your financial strength by taking your IT infrastructure expenses into ‘service expense’ scope.
  • It provides high-level cost and time savings in the “change management” processes in the IT Infrastructure.
  • It provides consolidation opportunity to corporate companies with large server networks, and enables small companies to have more easily manageable IT resources. It produces uninterrupted and need-oriented solutions.

Getting Out of the Chaos

The way to exist in Local and Global Markets is to invest in information technologies. The more efficient, scalable, traceable and manageable the Information Technologies Infrastructure is designed, the faster, easier and less costly it will adapt to changing market conditions. If someone had said that before the pandemic, the whole world would stay at home, people would work remotely, and it was necessary to be prepared, most of us would not have taken it seriously. The pandemic experienced all over the world once again showed us how important the information technology infrastructure is, and we all witnessed the exponentially increasing significance of as e-commerce, systems that enable remote working, and products such as video conferencing applications, etc. It has been proven to all of us that the Information Technology Infrastructure of the institutions is an area that requires expertise. As a result of this, the fact that the Embedded Information Technology Teams had to deal with all the information technology needs instead of only dealing with the systems at the center of your business, increased the cost exponentially while reducing time and focus efficiency.

To keep institutions away from this chaos, to host services that are constantly up-to-date and responding to needs. Contact us to get away from all the topics required by Information Technologies such as upgrade, acceleration, security, backup, archiving, disaster preparedness, licensing.

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