Data Storage

Data Storage

Disk capacities are designed for desired performance and continuity based on needs.

You can host and manage your object and file-based data in the same environment. IoT, AI, Sensitive data requiring high capacity are securely stored in geographically distributed data centers.

Servers running on Teletek Cloud Platform are located in disk geometries according to the type of application.

Our infrastructure has been designed to respond to the needs of Institutions end-to-end!
  • FCP, (Fiber Channel Protocol) NFS, (Network File System) CIFS (Common Interface File System)
  • Object Storage (S3 Compatible) Fully compatible with AWS environment & HTML5-supported management over web, Synchronous to 3 Different Geographical Data Centers.
  • Consistently the best performance with VMware VSAN.
  • The power to respond to million I/O loads with EMC SCALEIO.
  • IBM Spectrum Scale&Archive LTO7&LTO8 Support, Cold Archiving.
  • Replication to Data Domain Units in all geographic regions.
  • With Veeam Cloud Connect, you can protect your in-house data or your data on Teletek in panels that you manage yourself.

Block Based Storage

You can instantly increase the storage capacity of your applications or databases used by your applications or databases in order to quickly adapt to changes in workload demands. You can prefer NVMe, SSD, SAS, NL-SAS capable volume types based on Speed, Storage Space and Cost. Many options for hard disk geometries suitable for your I/O requirements are available on Teletek Platforms!

S3 Based Storage as a Service

Environments that we use in our daily lives such as Netflix, Facebook, Google work on object-based data storage systems, and Teletek S3-based Storage as a Service service, which has the highest S3 API compatibility in the industry, is now ready in Teletek Cloud environments. Increase the durability and reliability of your data. You can ensure communication between multi-cloud environments and your data thanks to the common language of S3 API, i.e. the cloud environment. You can make your unstructured data and content compatible and manageable. S3 Based storage service is integrated with vCloud Director panel, easy to manage and monitor.

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