Our Services

Everything is designed for performance, uninterruptedness and continuity.

Our team is special like our customers. In this way, all our services are constantly improved so that you can get the most efficient results for your needs.
Virtual Data Center
Shared Reserved Memory
Shared Reserved Memory
Shared Reserved Disk
Physical Server Rental
Shared Reserved Network Topologies
VMware vCloud Director
vCloud Suite Platform Management
VMware NSX
Cloud Firewall
DDoS Protection
Load Balancer
Vulnerability and Penetration Tests
Block Based Storage
S3 Compatible Object Based Storage
File Based Storage
System and Infrastructure Management Solutions
DC Design and Migration
Preparation for Cloud Environment
Cloud Migration
AWS/Azure/Google Partner
IBM Softlayer Partner
SAP Consultancy Services
DEVOPS & CICD Pipeline
Code Modernization
Cloud Platform Management
Cloud Security Management
Database Operation and Management
Windows OS Management
Unix/Linux OS Management
Monitoring Management
Backup Management
Replication Management
Patch Management
Antivirus Management
DEVOPS & Container Management
SAP Basis Management
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