Hosted Services

Hosted Services

Always up-to-date, reliable and sustainable!

We work 24/7 to keep our main servers in our hosted services always up to date and at a reliable level with the guidance of the suppliers providing the service.

For your Web Pages that do not receive high traffic with unchanging content, you can safely publish our Linux/Windows Web Hosting Plans on our web servers with the Plesk/cPanel/DirectAdmin Administration Panels you are used to. There are also Classic E-mail Services on these Web Servers. Our Electronic Mail services, which include POP3 SMTP IMAP and Web Mail features, offer Antivirus and Antispam features as well as being easy to install.

You can use our uninterrupted Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2019 Services, which are geographically distributed in different regions on Teletek Cloud, reinforced with redundant and high availability capabilities, without incurring the costs of hosting and managing in-house Microsoft Exchange Servers.

You can manage the Microsoft Exchange 2019 Service end-to-end through your own web panel!

All these services published on Teletek are broadcast in data centers in our country and in compliance with PDPL.

  • Web Hosting
  • Mail Hosting
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange

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