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We know the difficulty of following the trends in the world of technology, which is developing faster each day. When we add the investment costs to this, hard-to-reach objectives can emerge. That is why we want our customers to always have the most up-to-date technology which frees them from the burden of IT infrastructure operations, where they spend perhaps more time than their own business.

As Teletek, we have been striving for the success of our customers for 9 years with this vision.

  • Is My Data Safe in the Cloud?

    Cloud computing and the security of the cloud environment should not be considered separately. Teletek’s penetration test service, which can be applied periodically, ensures that components which make up the information systems of the institutions in the cloud environment or in-house, such as hardware, software, network, are tested and reported against all attacks from inside or outside.

  • Are the Costs Affordable?

    Thanks to cloud computing, companies can minimize IT expenditures, reduce energy costs and save on infrastructure costs by outsourcing technological infrastructure investments such as servers, software, data centers and network devices.

  • Are Additional Hard Drives Required?

    By outsourcing the data storage center and high-capacity online server service, companies can eliminate both the need for data storage and server-specific department allocation within the enterprise as well as additional hard drive requirements of individual personal computers.

  • Does It Provide Flexibility?

    Flexibility is very important in cloud computing. In Teletek’s cloud environment, companies can provide the resources needed in their applications with full flexibility, paying as they use them, at affordable costs, thanks to the dedicated, non-shared processor (vCore), memory and storage spaces.

  • Are Disaster Scenarios Available?

    Things may not always go well. At times like these, taking the right actions will be vital. With the cloud-based disaster recovery and off-site backup solution, companies can ensure a fully integrated, fast and secure backup to their storage spaces on the Teletek Cloud Platform.

  • How Is the End User Experience?

    Thanks to cloud computing, companies can enable end-user oriented software to be used over the web without the need for other interfaces and without installing them in the user environment.

  • Can We Monitor Data?

    Reliable and solid steps should be taken in the process of transferring the data to a different environment. Data of companies can be moved from different cloud or local environments to Teletek Cloud Platform with minimum interruption or work load. Working with experts from traffic routing to transferring DNS records will reduce the work load of companies.

  • Can We Work Remotely?

    In this age when remote working method has increased a lot, while the tolerance of companies to interruptions or service disruptions is very low, it may not always be easy to design their own infrastructures with full redundancy and manage their applications in a way that will run uninterruptedly. With the geographically redundant Teletek Cloud Platform, companies can ease their location-independent, uninterrupted, flexible working and digital transformation journeys.

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